The Impact of an Emergency Motorbike Response Vehicle on Prehospital Care in an Urban Area

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Faster emergency response times are usually considered to have a positive effect on life expectancy of patients with a life-threatening event, leading several communities to determine response time intervals. However, worldwide, increasing urbanization and travel congestion threatens ambulance response times. An emergency motorcycle response vehicle (MRV) can overcome these hurdles more simply than a larger ambulance.

MRV and Ambulance

It also offers dispatch flexibility in responding to calls estimated to have a small likelihood of a patient who needs transport. The first aim of this study was to determine whether an MRV may shorten response times and impact on resuscitation outcomes in a heavily urbanized and closely settled region in the Netherlands. The second plan was to evaluate differences in dispatch and transport between MRV and ambulance.

You can fit 3 or 4 bikes into the space occupied through one car. Make maximum use of a little garage, buy motorcycles.

Motorcycles use less gas. 30 miles per gallon is on the low end and lesser engines can get triple digit mileage.

Motorcycles outperform cars. Sure, some exotic cars may keep up with a Hayabusa, but not many and the cost is generally 10 or 20 times the charge of the bike, or more.

10 Reasons Motorcycles are Better Than cars

In my experience, if you like bikes, there’s a excellent chance you value cars, trucks, boats and airplanes, too, not all to the same degree but a particularly nice example of any motor driven vehicle may bring on a smile. Eventually, though, most of us have to choose among the types if we’re going to invest our wealth on one or two vehicles (or more) and when the choice has to be made, motorbikes have a lot to offer. Here’s my private list. It might vary from one person to another, your list may have items I haven’t thought of, but I think these provide you some food for thought.

  1. You may remake a motorcycle if you’re mechanically inclined, you don’t have to do very much body effort. Not being mainly skilled in body and paint, I understand this one.
  2. Motorcycles cost less. Even classics and collector bikes may often be purchased for the cost of a very plain used car.
  3. Motorcycle riders are safer; they don’t text on their phones when riding.
  4. Motorcycle riding may be really cozy. If you want to be a small closer to your passenger, brake a little quicker for the next stop. 
  5. Motorbike riding gets you out in the fresh air. Smell actual pine trees, not the scent of a pine formed deodorizer hanging from the mirror.
  6. Motorbike riding develops your organization and balance. Brake and clutch levers for your hands, brake and change gears with your feet, learn to balance at slow speeds, several drivers could never do it.
  7. Greatest of all, there has never been a recall for unintended motorcycle acceleration.

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